42 definitions by XDavid PolicastroX

"You make my words, I'm gonna get my grade 10; and everyone else can just catch a boat to Fuck-offity Land."
by XDavid PolicastroX January 27, 2009
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Deep connection bewtween two people with no sexual desire or romantic attachment.
"That's my best friend in the world, but there's nothing but platonic love going on."
by XDavid PolicastroX January 28, 2009
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A Native American prostitute. Similar to a Suckagawea, but they get paid.
"I couldn't get Suckagawea to give me tipi-peepee suprise, so I picked up a Pocahontas Whore."
by XDavid PolicastroX April 13, 2009
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Bruce Lee Potion that Steve Uerkel created for his machine that changes him into different characers (i.e. including Stefan).
"Steve and Carl kicked the bandits' asses thanks to the Bruce Juice."
by XDavid PolicastroX April 13, 2009
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What you need to do before you wreck yo self.
"Check yo self, 'fo you wreck yo self, 'cause I'm bad for your heath - I come low stealth."
by XDavid PolicastroX April 16, 2009
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