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This acronym is a retort to the popular (yet stupid) online phrase, lmao. It exposes the obvious stupidity of the concept of laughing one's own ass off.
hoeusmasrte>> I kik him in nuts!
goodkitee10>> LMAO
Joseph>> LYABO
by aaronak August 19, 2004
A bitch. Used primarily when trying to sound like a pirate.
Aargh, ye scurvy she dog! Why don't ye show ol' Captain Jack yer booty?
by aaronak May 2, 2006
A man from a Monty Python skit who is very silly.
RLY: It's spelled "Raymond Luxury-Ya-ch-t," but it's pronounced THROAT WOBBLER MANGROVE!
by aaronak October 20, 2004
1) The official name of the new Nintendo Console. Previously known by its codename, Revolution.
Mom: What's all that noise?
Little Johnny: I'm in my room playing with my Wii!
by aaronak April 28, 2006

Mostly used by people attempting to remove entries on UD.
I would guess that at least 90% of the definitions here are NUS.
by aaronak October 20, 2004
A woman who is dressed up in a pointed hat, has a long nose, has a wart, and who is made of wood. They are often burned, and can turn people into newts (but they might get better).
"If she... weighs... the same as a duck... she's made of wood!"
"And therefore?"
"... ... A WITCH!!!"
by aaronak November 9, 2004
Devices, usually imported from tropical climes, that can be banged together in lieu of riding a horse.
"You've got two empty 'alves of coconut, and you're banging them together!"
by aaronak November 9, 2004