a 26 ounce or 750mL bottle of alcohol
i got a two six of vodka, its time to party
by mr happy January 5, 2004
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A slang term for b.o. otherwise known as body odour. The numbers stand for the letters, they way they appear on a telephone keypad.
"The guy next to me ordering a drink had the worst two six."
by KJ March 1, 2005
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A Canadian term for a 26-ounce bottle of alcohol. The modern bottle is actually 750 mL (25.36 oz), but it is still commonly called a two-six nonetheless. (See also: two-four.)
I finished off a two-six of rum in one evening, and did not feel good the next morning.
by Some Guy (2q38f7bdo73h2sdlh) October 13, 2005
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A latino street gang named after 26th ST in Chicago's Little Village community. The gang was originally a neighboorhood baseball team called the Two Sixers but formed as a street gang in the 1960's. One of Two six's biggest rivals is the Latin Kings.
Hey ese, look at that vato walkin down 26th, he wearin' black & tan, he must be a Two Six.
by Little Village Vendor July 13, 2009
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That cheap-ass didn't tip again! He's always two-sixing me!
by White Kiwi July 11, 2008
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She looks good from 10 yards, ok from 6, but up close she's a two

AKA 10-6-2
Good from far, but far from good... classic Ten-Six-Two
by Willy Wankerrr April 27, 2009
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