involuntarily celibate
A derogatory term invented by feminists that serves the sole purpose of blaming men for the decline of romantic relationships across the 1st world. The term is extremely broad and would not be taken seriously in academic discourse due to its lack of utility for solving or debating actual problems. The term is used by feminists to deflect and blame others for the catastrophic consequence of their efforts and campaigns to make women less attractive to men.
Guy: Am I an incel?
Girl: Are you in a relationship?
Guy: No.
Girl: Yes, you are an incel.
Guy: But...
Girl: No buts! Don't talk to me! Incel!
by mez8484 August 22, 2021
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a stupid boy who hates women and thinks he's superior because nobody wants to suck his tiny chode
john: "go make me a sandwich" powerful queen lesbian: "eat my ass incel"
by September 11, 2020
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A person who claims they either are involuntarily celibate by their inability to gain a relationship or are being excluded from one. The 99% of these people are idiots who blame everything from women society,other men, the media, or anything except for themselves for the fact that they cannot get into a sexual relationship. Most of these people are complete peices of crap who refuse to break out of their comfort zone to gain a relationship but apparently that is everyone else's fault instead of them since they are so superior in every way. These ways include genetic,physical, intellectual, and personality ; which is odd because if they had any of these traits and a pair of ba*^$ would have women or man who was willing to love them physically. In conclusion anybody who is in this group and blames anybody except for themselves is a utter piece of crap who doesn't deserve a relationship especially a government forced one or a genetic marxist superiority "match" and is exactly where they should be at this time in the relationship world LOL you get what you give incel turds who believe they are "owed" a physical relationship.
I am a incel unwillingly.
by keefis1025 February 8, 2019
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A buzzword first used for a girl but now used by feminazis and cucks for the people who don't agree with them. the literal meaning of this word is involuntary celibate, meaning the people who cant have sex despite the "desires(as the feminazis and cucks/whitenights claims)" . Although the has a deeper meaning, current social structure is twisted in such a way that man or woman without a sexual partner considered a loser even if they don't want to have one. the current effect of this structure is that men has to agree with everything feminists say otherwise he can't have sex with them (which itself is a bit misogynistic, because it indicates that only "essential" thing women has to offer is sex)

this is the worst side of humanity, one side there is self centered, attention seeking, power hungry feminazis/misandrist (but cloaked as MODERN FEMINISTS ) and the other are angry people a lot of them are actually misogynist and racist and dangerous.
guy 1 : hey, A girl on the internet called me incel even though my arguments was based on facts
guy2 : don't worry, it's the habit of some dumb people who are living in today's super easy environment cant stand facts if it hurts their belief.
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Cold-hearted people (typically men) that still continue to use sexism (IN 2019) and feel that women shouldn't have all the opportunities they have and are therefore worthless (which isn't true but whatever) and believe that men should be doing all the work and putting money on the table when the females should be stay-at-home-moms which is totally stupid but whatever. They most likely have these beliefs because of earlier experiences, such as rejection or getting cheated on. If you want to know more then just watch Benji's vid lmao
incel- wOmEn aRe tOtAlLy wOrThLeSs!!
regular person- bruh ur dumb
by 🌻_aria_🌻 December 10, 2019
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a male who cannot lose his virginity to a woman, most of the time because of his Introverted and Intuitive personality traits and is average looking, the rest of the times because he is objectively ugly.
there is usually no escape from this condition, because somehow women sense the large suffering soul of those people and avoid them at all costs with no given exact motivation.
person with a soul: please help me i am so fucking lonely
normie/roastie: have sex incel
by flesh knight July 24, 2020
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