a person who is basically incapable of finding love, largely due to treating women like shit. the majority of incels believe they can’t find love because they are ugly, while it is usually because they have no respect for women. most incels are pieces of shit and all around hated by individuals around them. they believe women owe them sex, yet the majority of them never lose their virginity, or lose their virginity to a cheap hooker with a crusty pussy and crabs. should you meet an incel in real life, it is advised that you run to safety in order to avoid becoming one yourself.
Ryan: what was the name of your last boyfriend again?
Lilia: Oh, Vincent? He was SUCH an incel. INSANELY ugly too.
by StraightGayNibba December 21, 2019
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Another weak-ass blanket word used by women whenever a man says or does something they don't like.
Guy: "Actually, men can be the victim of domestic abuse as well
Woman: "Omg stfu you incel!!!!"
by SpursRShit August 14, 2023
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1. a leftist rhetorical device used to shame, functions similarly to 'fag' except politically reversed.
Meant to imply that the target can't get laid, whilst possessing some form of frustrated and toxic masculinity. This attempts to "redefine normal" through feminism; to enforce political correctness by removing anything remotely resembling misogyny from anyone's expression (including conservative opinions); and to socially enforce feminine moral standards in general.
Some rigid and paranoid feminists will assume that a normal guy is an incel just because of how he looks, similarly to how some religious people might fear that a goth kid is a satanist and school shooter.

2. a male who actually can't get laid, and actually hates women because of it. Tends to get mad at women who won't show him attention, instead of actually understanding and remedying the situation. Shows violent overtones towards women in his mental unwellness, and is the socially bottom-tiered bogeyman who puts reactive society into a moral panic. There is a fringe subculture which uses words like "foid" to describe women, and is often associated with the black pill (not to be confused with red pill).
"He said something I didn't like, so I'm gonna make sure that people won't think he's cool and he won't be socially dangerous. Hopefully he'll be so humiliated that he won't dare to be inappropriate ever again"

"He's dating my friend and is 6 years older and i don't like that, so i assumed and told everyone he's an incel despite how it's fully consensual and would in reality be easier for him to date women his own age"

"He said right-wing opinions and his nonconformity is attracting women, so I have to kill his status before this gets out of hand"

Elliot Rodger was an actual incel.
by basedball July 2, 2022
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the word for some bitch ass who doesn’t respect women. also called an involuntary celibate, which basically means they can’t get laid. because they happen to be disgusting idiots who can’t make connections with other people. Since they can’t cope with that, they simply blame women. they say that women are too picky or that women should stop having rights simply because it suits their wants better. to put it simply, incels are horny dumb-fucks who don’t understand how to be a decent person…literally the bar is so low that it’s underground and they can’t do that. just be a decent not-creepy person and be courteous to other people and the right people will come along. it’s not women’s faults it’s yours. literally grow up you asshole
person 1: i’m a dunce who thinks women are to blame for my unwanted virginity.
person 2: you’re an incel then…that’s so weird bruh.
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some geeza: what's that sexist prick who's the definition of an incels name again?
geeza 2: oh, andrew tate?
by cestmoiholly August 25, 2022
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Normie definition: desperate for a relationship soy boy, who is unable to get any.

In a more general sense: a person who desperately desires a certain (usually more sexually active) lifestyle, that they are unable to achieve, but don't want to get over it.

In reality: one of many terms used to shame single (usually low sexual market value) males, even if they aren't looking for a relationship.
He doesn't have a gf, he must be gay/incel/fuckboy/creep/hates women/misogynist.
by veinsofgold May 18, 2019
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An incel (/ˈɪnsɛl/ IN-sel, an abbreviation of "involuntary celibate") is a member of an online subculture of people who define themselves as unable to get a romantic or sexual partner despite desiring one.
Arnold is such an incel, how are you so desperate for love and yet so rude to women.
by cadburytits July 10, 2022
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