This Serbian derived name dates back many centuries but losely translate to " strong like bull, cock like walrus
by Jeffersonsteelflex21 March 12, 2021
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The most honest, trust worthy, innocent person you can meet. Although he is a little sketchy he still is pretty funny. Mix the innocent and Edgy in one sentence. That’s a Novak.
by Jesus_Christ if he was bread November 22, 2019
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the greatest corner in football history, #67
“Yo did you see novak rock that dudes shit last tuesday

“yo novak just decked that kid”
by colinkaepernickforpres2020 November 5, 2019
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1. A type of person who is, or was, a ninja
2. Someone who has a boy/girl-friend named Kimberly.

See also: amazing, ninja, windland
Origin: Yugoslavia
Donny: "You goin' to see your girlfriend Kimberly today or can we play Runescape?"
Novak: "Nah, can't fletch with you today, I'm going to go bake pizza with Kim."
Donny: "Oh okay. I guess I'll just play it by myself for 17 hours straight."


Person 1: "Dude holy shit, did you see that Novak go by?"
Person 2: "No! WTF I felt his presence though."
Person 1: "OMG look out behi-"
*Person 2 gets sliced in half*
Person 1: "Damn that Novak!"
by Anthony Walter August 10, 2007
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No.3 in the world.
And extremely talented Serbian tennis player.
Known for his talented capabilities on the court, and for his impersonations of Maria Sharapova and Rafael Nadal.
People love Novak because he so genuine, talented, and intelligent.
by BALTIC February 5, 2008
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one who involves themselves in Novakism or other wise being a geek ass BITCH

"stop being a Novak"

"where the Bitch Ass Novak"
by angelo162 January 23, 2007
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Sanskrit for 'Brad Pitt'.
I liked Novak a lot in Fight Club!

Novak is onr of the most handsome actors of today!
by HeidiEichel February 12, 2009
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