A term for a type of slow dance that that was popular during the 1940s and 1950s. Made famous by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

This dance is simple in itself. What makes it special is as you dance ever slowly your and the other persons facial cheeks never leave another.

Usually the music accompanying is old jazz or vocal jazz
"And for hawkeye cheek to cheek"
Amd the ladies of the camp giggled excessively at the thought of being that close to the daring surgeon
by Theamazinggeek January 13, 2018
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A response to cheeky/sarcastic remarks or behaviour by others. Usually used in jest.
*John looks at the F symbol on his physics paper in horror*
His friend nudges him and says, "All that hard work really paying off hey?"
John replies, "That's a cheek!"
by TADPOOL October 05, 2016
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When you’re telling someone some real ass shit and you need to let them know it’s for real. It also can be used in a question format.

cheeks referring to booty cheeks
On cheeks, she got herpes from that guy.

On cheeks, did he die in a car crash?
by Big ski May 16, 2019
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Newton's lesser known, recently rediscovered 69th Law: skin and other non bone tissues with the ability to freely oscillate at a certain arbitrary finite speed; also a sine function because said cheek is put in motion from a state of rest and starts at the origin: (0,0)
by cheekoverlord October 08, 2020
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A British word for someone who disrespects and talks back to you. To give cheek.
"She is one cheeky bitch!"
by Sara June 05, 2004
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In an exceptionally advanced altered state of mind, generally brought on by alcohol.
Oh man you guys Kyle was so cheeked last night he tried to jump out a window.
by Himla January 22, 2009
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Grade "A", quality booty.

Double D's of the ass world.

Known to cause instant boners.

When is presence of cheeks, one must yell "juice" to let her know what's up.
Nicki Minaj's ass would be a prime example of cheeks.

What is the meaning of life?

by ShredGnarShark July 08, 2012
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