Describes something fucked or really bad
Hey did u read that book
Yeah bro but it was cheeks
by Lilheg39 January 14, 2020
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An Irish phrase meaning shit, derived from ass
(Not to be confused with the literal description of one's buttocks)
"Did you hear the song Aylek$ dropped?"
"Hardly. Her music is absolute cheeks."

"My boyfriend say LaFlame is cheeks."
"Tell your boyfriend I said it's his mixtape that's cheeks."
by thecartisan April 26, 2020
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Ass, booty, hind end. Said when you are pissed off at something or if something sucks. The bigger the cheeks the more it sucks.
"Bro that's cheeks"
"That game I just played was cheeks"
"They played like cheeks"
"Shut up man you're cheeks"
"That's some thicc cheeks bro"
by WeinerVille May 7, 2018
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Grade "A", quality booty.

Double D's of the ass world.

Known to cause instant boners.

When is presence of cheeks, one must yell "juice" to let her know what's up.
Nicki Minaj's ass would be a prime example of cheeks.

What is the meaning of life?

by ShredGnarShark July 9, 2012
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When someone is doing something poorly, they are performing like "cheeks"
"Dude I came in last place."

"wow I can't believe we are friends... You're cheeks and at this point probably don't even deserve to live"
by Cheeeeeeeky April 5, 2020
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V. The act of having intercourse

N. A particular set of buttock on females.
Matt: "Where did you disappear to last night?"
Tom: "Oh was I smashing cheeks?"
Matt: "I know it"

Braden: "I love being at the beach, there are cheeks everywhere!"
by Haven Squad September 2, 2008
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