A metaphorical list in which people who are in ill favor with a given individual are placed.
that beeotch has been pissing me off for the last week, she's going on my shitlist
by kpaxken March 1, 2005
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(n) a list of entities exhibiting general disfavorability, particularly as a result of transgression. Presumably these entities will not receive the normal benefits enjoyed by those not on the list.
(v) the act of placing someone on said list.
Every single thing I've bought from Black & Decker, two coffeemakers and a rice cooker, has totally stopped working. They are *SO* on my shitlist.
by nplastic January 29, 2004
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The coolest community on greatestjournal.com.
I just shitlisted somebody. I am so cool.
by TheKat January 5, 2005
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1. (N) A person or group of people that are hated with such passion they are put on ones shit list.

2. (N) With enough passion to be put on one's shit list
Karen was being such a douchebag we all desided she was a shitlister
by Kbas and Kodak September 28, 2009
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people who piss you off.
People who abuse their powers/authority
I hate thaT fucking BITCH , they are going on my shit list
by Ur moma February 25, 2004
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The jews that didn't make it on to schindler's list, due to prior 'beef' with Schindler.
Jew#1: did you make it onto schindler's list?

Jew#2: nah, I didn't make it. He's still peeved at me for stealing his yamaka. looks like i'm still on old man schindler's shitlist!
by noparentsnorules January 28, 2010
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(n). the list of songs that you meant to delete, but are still on your ipod from who knows when. songs on the shuffle shitlist serve as a form of embarrassment when your ipod is played on shuffle in front of your homies.
Guy #1:Dude, why do you still have "Like A Slave" on your ipod?
Guy#2: My bad bro, that song is on my shuffle shitlist.
by RKOWALSKI January 15, 2009
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