A deported French-Canadian overwatch player who drinks two cases of coke a day, is skinnier than your average skeleton, and uses his primal chest beating juice-maker to attract the females and males. Also for some reason he has cow in his name noone really knows why.
That guy is such an xQcOW. How can you be so skinny and living?
by thebomber98 October 18, 2018
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x - the last letter of xQc's name, Felix.
Qc - abbreviation for Quebec, the place where he was born.
OW - a short version for Overwatch, which is a game thanks to which he became very popular.
1: Did you know what "xQcOW " stands for?
2: Absolutely not!
by regeX March 14, 2022
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a fat cow who eats worms and trihards
Pro Twitcher,

has a problemk twitching
by 0xsesh July 25, 2019
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