I very sweet and zen-like girl who is full of wonder and grace. Always there to brighten your day.

Very unique and intriguing.

Wise beyond her years.
Old soul.
Person 1: I met the nicest girl today. Just talking for a few minutes and I feel amazing!
Person 2: Was that the new girl, Ever?
Person 1: Yes! You know her?
Person 2: Yes. I met her yesterday. Ever is SO nice!
by KDupont July 29, 2011
The king of all pimps and hoes. He owns 3 albino tigers. If you were fricked by Ever you may be abale to compensate over 9 million dollars if you hole was ripped.
Ever is going crazy in that room with somebody.
by Ever(name) November 6, 2019
EVER (in caps, generally pronounced in a loud tone)

This word is normally attached to a sentence to denote strong importance or to draw attention to the claim made in the sentence. One's reputation is on the line when using the word EVER.
In 2001, Playa Shawn said that Midnight Madness with AGD will be the best social EVER. Drew and Isaac responded "EVER!"

Sirius Satellite Radio is the best stock to buy EVER!
by Isaac N October 17, 2007
As in what.. as if someone or something doesn't deserve a whole 'Whatever'
Diana: Didn't call you because I thought you were busy..
Todd: Ever.
Todd: as in What.
by H1113 October 17, 2011
A sweet and shy girl who will always be there for a friend. An Ever is very pretty and cute, but doesn’t realize it. She is selfless and will do anything she can to help someone.
Ever is so sweet, she found out my little sister’s dog passed away, and she surprised with one of the puppies her husky had.
by Slimeowy March 28, 2018
The lowest point you can be at
seems like nothing can get worse but does
I am having an Ever week.
That's ever status.
Dont make me go ever on you.
by coolcatturbo February 17, 2009
A boy who is gonna lose his virginity by 12
by uglybitch_356 October 16, 2019