The surname of any individual that is full of 'pure amazing'. Typically known for finding and collecting unicorn dust, while occasionally pooring it over deceased cats.
I wish I was as amazing as a Longworth.
by TAMARKAR January 27, 2011
fred longworth home to the smelliest person on the planet cole bonici
' oi that guy smells really bad!'

'oh yeah that's just cole, welcome to fred longworth­čśé,
by colesmellsbad December 14, 2019
A beautifully luscious mullet possessing redneck. Owns more artillery than your local pawn shop. But dips snus like a pussy.
I cracked open my Busch latte like Aaron Longworth.
by AbigScott June 9, 2020
This dude is extremely cool and very cute! He's pretty smart but can be dumb sometimes! Nice body and is committed. He's got a nice dick and knows how to work it too!
by Markus Tame August 30, 2019