Someone who's been constipated for days without relief.
Man, my tummy's achin' I got the ever givens.
by icehot1 March 26, 2021
Like any other metro-society, there are typical phenominons which dominate the landscape. In our locale (the city of Everett, Wa) where women are large and men dream of meeting a size 6 or more slimmer... We take Everett and elephant come up with Ever-phant. This can be applied in your town with some immagination.
1st dude "Chick just bought you a drink." 2nd dude " Man, you drink it! She's just another Ever-phant wanting a ride on my Harley. The shocks won't take it!"
by waaaaat? May 1, 2011
used to describe every moment in time; used for creating emphasis when stating an opinion about something
That was the best party in the history of ever.

She is the worst professor in the history of ever.
by Natalie McAwesome May 6, 2010
Another way of saying "whatever" to provide added emphasis showing that you don't care.
by blarghvierdes July 21, 2010
when your girls better is better than the better of any other girl.
my girlfriend, Colleen, is the greatest ever.
by Mikey940 April 17, 2008