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Attention Ghandhua Disorder (AGD) was founded by Dr Suby which results in the patient always wanting to one up others when it comes to anything and everything. This applies to any situation in which the patient will always claim to be better or do better. Research indicates that this is often derived from insecurity and a high level ego.

Disorder can often cost patients close relationships once it becomes more and more frequent. Once diagnosed the patient will be in denial and refuse to accept they have AGD. Patients also pull out facts out of their ass to prove they are right and will remain ignorant to any evidence that does not support their argument. Until ego is dropped AGD will not go away.
Dr Suby: It took me 7 years to become a Doctor

AGD Patient: I would become a doctor way faster than you. My uncle in Pakistan become a doctor way quicker than that bro.

Dr Suby: I won several awards

AGD Patient: Those awards mean nothing i've won way more and so has my uncle in Pakistan
by $8Y August 03, 2018
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Swedish counterpart to "owned", "pwned" and other things in category as "pwndq!!!!½½!1oneone~five!!!!".
"Haha! Du blev ägd!"
eng. "Hehu! You got pwnd!"

"Ni är så ägda!"
eng. "You're so owned!"

"Min hatt äger"
eng. "My hat owns!"
by Nyson December 09, 2004
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A.G.D Means A Ganja Day. A Person who is high all day without stopping.
Dude I got A.G.D and it was awesome
by AlexDictionary October 06, 2010
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Me: The ABG is on!!!!!!!!1





by AflacJack January 18, 2005
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Where all your Asian best friends hangout. AGD stands for Asian Groupie Day.
Are you ready for AGD next week Brian?
by azngod March 02, 2019
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"One of the most significant markers of an organism's sex is something called anogenital distance (AGD)—the measurement between the anus and the genitals. Male AGD is typically twice the length of female, a much more dramatic difference than height or weight or musculature."
"Lower testosterone leads to a shorter AGD, and a measurement lower than the median correlates to a man being seven times as likely to be subfertile and gives him a greater likelihood of having undescended testicles,..."
by no_p April 23, 2019
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