A slang which means be blocked by someone, be added in the blacklist.
1. I can't send any message to the idiot, retard, bitch, I was in block.
2. In North Korea, everything on the Internet is in block.
by meow meow dancer June 16, 2019
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In the hood, when there's nobody outside.
Brisco: Hey Tyrone, y'all still hoopin today?
Tyrone: Nah man, its No block.
by Bama Slunn November 12, 2018
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A technique used in social networking when one doesn't want to communicate with a particular person any more. Usually involves going to the residence or workplace of the offender and beating their face in with a cinder block.
"Jerry was really getting on my nerves so I had to block him. He's in hospital now."
by Waldo L.S October 12, 2012
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The place where everyone one hangs out at. A place where your were raised up at, and where all your guys hang out at.
Where you at man? On The Block, everybody over here, we about to hoop.
by Tay_Boy April 8, 2006
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The ultimate coward move, You can and will get blocked for doing literally anything. Most people who will block you, are snowflakes that get offended over you doing or saying something they don't like. And God help you if you make a joke.
Person one:: "Didn't you have an argument with Carissa on Instagram yesterday?"
Person two "Yes and no, she blocked me the moment I talked to her,"
by AlanSnackbarHaterOfFurries February 3, 2022
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