In another life is a well known BokuAka fanfic created by LittleLuxray on the Ao3 website. it is said to tear your heart apart and will emotionally damage you to the point where you feel nothing anymore.

not gonna lie it was pretty sad:(
“Have you read the BokuAka fanfic called In Another life?”
“Well, not yet. But i will tomorrow; Can’t wait to be emotionally scarred!”
by raynotfound November 5, 2020
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an amazing angst fanfic created by LittleLuxray on archive of our own. if you wanna read it prepared to be emotionally scarred.
the most memorable In Another Life quote

Bokuto: I found you
Akaashi: You found me
by akaashit December 23, 2020
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A hope for better times where things aren't so hard and love isn't so far away.
In another life we are together and live forever.
by dannyk June 20, 2013
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Say this to your weeb friend while watching cloud atlas and they would for sure love you. 💗
B: Ask me why I like Cloud Atlas so much.

A: Well alright.. Koutarou, why do you like Cloud atlas so much?

B: S... So you.. know in the m-movie when.... th.. characters die in one life...?

B: W-well.. I... Like it when..... Th-they find each other again.... In another life.

B: It m-makes me.... feel like I'll h-have another life... one beyond this one... one that's better.. wh.. where I can actually wake up to you... and be with.. y.... you....

B: One where we... Can.. Live n.... normal lives instead of... living........ this one.

A: You know... I would like that. Very much.

B: Me too...
by Yorin November 13, 2020
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That heart wrenching fanfic created by littleluxray about the ship BokuAka from the anime and manga Haikyuu that left traumatized fangirls crying for weeks or months
"Bokuto, why do like Cloud Atlas so much?"
"Because it gave me hope that we would meet In another life"
by Multifandom Gorl September 7, 2020
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When you have deja vu. Whether it be from a person, place or event. You have such a familiar feeling about it that it may have come from another life. Another time when you both promised to be there for each other. But, in this life, too much is in the way. There is no explanation other than... in another life (or time).
Becky: I feel such a strong connection to this person. Why is it so hard to just have a normal conversation?
David: Maybe you two were friends in another life
by #whileyoucan February 28, 2015
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A way to say goodbye to somebody you don't expect to see again (in this lifetime).

Can be used positively, with emphasis on the prospect of seeing them again, albeit in another lifetime.

Also can be used negatively, with emphasis on the implication that you won't be seeing them again THIS lifetime.

Derived from the catchphrase of the character Desmond on the TV show LOST, who would frequently say, "I'll see ya in another life, brother"
Soldier 1 (wounded and dying): I don't think I'm gonna make it, man...
Soldier 2: Hang in there, buddy, I'm right here.

Soldier 1: I see the light... I'm going towards it...
Soldier 2 (crying): I'll see you in another life, man. Say hi to my brother for me.

Guy 1: Dude, come on, we've been best friends for 6 years, you can't seriously be THAT mad about me sleeping with your girl.
Guy 2: Yeah... you can fuck off. See you in another life, man.
by srzsn January 13, 2017
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