She's that girl that makes everyone happy just with her smile. She's beautiful, intellectual and has an amazing figure. You go girl!!!!!
Did you see Koutar yesterday she looked stunning!!!
by #LiveLife June 4, 2017
An anime character from haikyuu!! Volleyball player and part-time baby ( like have you listened to his hey hey hey? ). When he misses one or multiple spikes he get’s into his “emo mode” which is the part of the game he tells his teammate Akaashi ( AGASHHEH ) to not set to him anymore. When he starts to get restless and want to hit the ball, Akaashi sets to him and BAM score!
“Oh, hey! It’s the spiker Bokuto Koutarou from Fukurodani!”
Hey, Hey, Hey!!! It’s Bokuto-san!
by hq_:D May 15, 2020
stranger 1: where is Koutarou?
stranger 2: bruh
by koutarou November 21, 2021