A setter in Haikyuu. Also the physical embodiment of a perfect human being.
Akaashi is literally perfect, why isn't he real?
by karasuhoe December 21, 2020
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Bokuto’s love 😉
Akaashi is known to mean “bokuto’s love” 🥰
“I found you”

“You found me”

(I’m sorry)
by Shoyo109 December 24, 2020
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Akaashi is a name mostly used in Japanese, meaning "Bokuto's Love" or "Bokuto's Soulmate"
Akaashi also happens to be a character in Haikyu!! from Fukurōdani Academy, best friends with Bokuto.
Hey is that Akaashi?
Oh yeah!
by chile n e ways so- January 4, 2021
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akaashi is a haikyuu!! (anime) character. is a second year at Fukurōdani Academy, and he is the volleyball team's vice-captain and setter.

he is very polite and intelligent, and most importantly; the most beautiful thing I have ever heard and make hearts explode, the cutest thing you will ever seen with that soft squishy face.
person 1: hey look at this guy, akaashi!
person 2: wow! this guy is very good at volleyball tho
by wstedxyouth February 1, 2018
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The prettiest setter in Haikyuu!!
The literal definition of perfection
He's also whipped for Bokuto Koutarou
"That guy is Akaashi Keiji, he's so pretty"
"Akaashi Keiji is so gay for his captain"
by Moge-ko the Dictator December 22, 2019
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person who kins akaashi from haikyuu! They're usually quiet and keep to themselves. You can always rely on them to be the responsible person in the group ^^ but though they don't know it they worry themselves about the smallest reasons and are under a lot of pressure :(( akaashi kinnies usually come in a pea pod with bokuto kinnies <3
Person 1: Who do you kin from haikyuu?
Person 2: oh uh im an akaashi kinnie
Person 3: as a bokuto kinnie may i have your hand in marriage
by wahmban January 2, 2021
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Akaashi Keiji is a character from haikyuu and belongs in the pretty setter squad and he is the love of my life
"I am in love with Akaashi Keiji"
"I know not all men will do that... Akaashi Keiji will never do that"
by Lettuce chan December 28, 2021
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