An amazing owl from the anime haikyuu he is mostly shipped with akaashi aka the mom of the two
by Anime Bitch October 19, 2020
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Bokuto is a Ace in Haikyuu in his team Fukurodani and probably Hinata Shoyo Father along with Akaashi Keiji his definitely gay for him, he resembles an Owl for some wired reasons and his best friend is name Kuroo the need hair guy he has a thing for Owls.

Person 2: yea look its him talking with Akaashi his future boyfriend

Person 1: they are my OTP
by Xx.bokuto_is_bae.xX April 23, 2020
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Protector of lesbians.
He’s the Ace of fukurodani and of our lives, he’s the husband of akaashi. His best friend is Kuroo Tetsuro and Hinata Shoyo (actually is his dad), bokuto is also a owl.

Love him or die.
Written by a lesbian.
Person 1: Oh Hi Bokuto!
Kuroo: Bro!

Lesbians: Dad!
Hinata: Dad!
Akaashi: Daddy!
by Virga Kageyama. (@Srodvlv) December 17, 2020
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A wooden Japanese sword used for training, usually the size and shape of a katana, but sometimes shaped like other swords, such as the wakizashi and tanto. Bokken is a term synonymous with bokutō in Japan, but is more widely used in the west.
Traditionally, the character Ken is used at the beginning of a word, for terms having to do with the sword, for example in Kendō (way of the sword) and Kenjutsu (art of the sword). In contrast, tō is used primarily as a suffix, for example, in shōtō (short sword) and daitō (long sword). Thus, in Japan, the word bokuto (wood sword) is more commonly used.
by ♫ Highway to Hell ♫ December 4, 2009
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Akaashi’s Boyfriend !

He Really like Akaashi and he crush on him during the all show.
Bokuto have a big dick
by Akaashi i love u September 29, 2020
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A very loud an energetic person who kins Bokuto from haikyuu! They're very supportive and always have energy. Though they may show it Bokuto kinnies are very hard on themselves and seek approval from others. bokuto kinnies usually come in a pea pod with akaashi kinnies <3
Person 1: who do you kin from haikyuu?
Person 2: Oh im a bokuto kinnie
Person 1: I will protect you at all costs
by wahmban January 2, 2021
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