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sleep deprived organisms that stay up at night scrolling on their phone. they barely drink any water and have a pretty bad posture. they mostly have 2-4 friends oh, and they pretty much already lost all their motivation to do anything. some of them are even secretly in love with their best friend(.??)
“Oh she’s a kenma kinnie she’s gotten literally almost no sleep
by raynotfound November 5, 2020
In another life is a well known BokuAka fanfic created by LittleLuxray on the Ao3 website. it is said to tear your heart apart and will emotionally damage you to the point where you feel nothing anymore.

not gonna lie it was pretty sad:(
“Have you read the BokuAka fanfic called In Another life?”
“Well, not yet. But i will tomorrow; Can’t wait to be emotionally scarred!”
by raynotfound November 5, 2020