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Billy only calls May when he wants to revisit their fellationship
by #whileyoucan June 6, 2015
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Bad form denotes treating another person in a certain way but getting all twisted, hurt and ego-busted when you receive the same treatment back.
I know it's Bad form to break up via text, but he only called me a handful of times during our relationship. I had to communicate in his language.
by #whileyoucan March 1, 2015
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When you have deja vu. Whether it be from a person, place or event. You have such a familiar feeling about it that it may have come from another life. Another time when you both promised to be there for each other. But, in this life, too much is in the way. There is no explanation other than... in another life (or time).
Becky: I feel such a strong connection to this person. Why is it so hard to just have a normal conversation?
David: Maybe you two were friends in another life
by #whileyoucan February 28, 2015
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It can mean a myriad of things. So easy: to fall back into the safe and easy life. So easy: to accept what is readily given. So easy: to believe you are all that you will ever be.
It's So Easy to repeat the same mistakes and call it living the dream. It's So Easy to give up and go back to what is convenient. It's So Easy to accept that what you are now is all that you will ever be. It's So Easy to keep moving forward if you tell yourself...BUT, she loves me & wants to have my kids
by #whileyoucan February 28, 2015
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no matter what turns life takes, no matter how much time has passed, missing someone doesn't change anything. It's a statement with no expectation. Nothing else. Just know you are loved.
When all is silent, I'm Missing You
by #whileyoucan May 1, 2015
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This is the stage of grief where you experience death, whether from Life, a relationship, a job, a dream, etc. The stage of acceptance is where there is no ill will toward anyone. No regrets. No sadness. No desperation. You have accepted the fact that all that has come before this moment was there to teach you something. To propel you forward. It is all good.
This is the final countdown. I hear the guitars strumming. I am in total acceptance.
by #whileyoucan February 28, 2015
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