4 definitions by dannyk

Slightly racist way of imitating Native Americans' phrase "ehs, you know it". Common in the Dakotas.
Jaden: "Did you see those trashy nates?!"
Brock: "Hazelnut."
by dannyk June 2, 2005
Chris: "Want some weed?"
Dan: "I didn't know you were a stoneman."
by dannyk June 2, 2005
A hope for better times where things aren't so hard and love isn't so far away.
In another life we are together and live forever.
by dannyk June 20, 2013
1. n Slang for someone who rips people off, takes food without asking, asks for a ride all the time, leaves garbage around the house, etc.

2. v To muz; action of muzzing.

3. n Way of saying Muslim.
1. Dan: "Hey Keenan, you wanna hang out?"
Keenan: "Yea, but you have to gimme a ride."
Dan: "You fuckin' muz."

2. Clint: "Carter, I'm gunna grab a sandwich."
Carter: "Guy! Why are you muzzin' me?"

3. Doug: "Did you see that chick in the costume?"
Andy: "Yea dude, shes a muz."
by dannyk June 2, 2005