When you chatting all the time with a loved one who is far away, you type: IMY
by SunShine00 April 15, 2006
imy is short hand for I miss you.
hey insert friends name hereimy when are you comming back?
by Alicia McCusker April 8, 2006
its basically short for i miss you.

like an abreviation ; commonly used on aim
omg! i haven't seen you the whole summer vacation. the last time i saw you was the last day of school! imy so much!!
by fresherthanyomomma xD June 28, 2009
short for "i miss yoongi", entails a feeling of pensive sadness, loss of interest in daily activities and a dejection of spirits caused by a prolonged lack of min yoongi
"man everything sucks i must have a case of imy"
by tsuko June 24, 2020
= i miss you
used to express longing for an absent, precious peopler
imy. imy near.
by Couch sweet potato February 16, 2020
omfg, your so imy!
by imy March 20, 2003
A word derived from imature. There was a kru called the imy kru with graffiti all over the place.

IMY has a kool krib and lots of hos
by R May 8, 2005