An amazing girl, intelligent, strangely interested in everything Harry Potter, Straight A student, incredible hair, Ginormous feet with extremely gross ingrown toe nails though, ew. Still love her for it.
Wow.. Imy’s Amazing..
I know right!!
Look how big her feet are!!
by A foot admirer January 19, 2019
hell yeah that's right. IMI are th pimps. yeah yeah. what up homie.
everyone loves us aint that right russiankgb. da IMI is da best and could beat all yall homies.
by Lev June 22, 2004
where da gay man h4cky0u can't spel and finks hes funi by callin h4ck-y0u imi-tators! Real funi person!
PeSt u r a imi-tator!
by Roger mcullen September 19, 2007
A very conceeded & confident pretty boy with unbelivable swag, frequently reffered to as swagnificant. Born & raised in the 76 South, Ewa beach He takes much pride in his hometown. He gets all the girls everywhere he goes, but is faithful when he's with a girl. Many kids try to bite his swag, but always fail epicly. A chill kid who doesn't look for trouble but will gladly take it if it comes to him.
Ex. 1) "You're such an Imi boy."

Ex. 2) "He has Imi boy swag!"

Ex. 3) "Look dis monkeh, tink he Imi boy."
by Killahz808 October 25, 2011