A very bad man who imi-tates other peoples and steals peoples communities. OBS: Has to be officially nominated by h4cky0u himself in order to be a legit imi-tator.
"GM you imi-tator." or "Beware of the imi-tators!"
by BrKiller September 19, 2007
Japanese for meanie, probably sent to you by a Japanese friend or weeb.
"Aaron is such an imi he keeps calling me baka, amazing person though."
by YeahPleaseNo May 7, 2021
The word imis is meant to offend Australian people but mainly the British population know this and is used mainly to offend Australians or as a joke.
What an 'imis' bro, he must be Australian.
by Hsbehsbshavsjannaisbeebsis January 16, 2020
A girl who loves her friend more but imy swears she loves me more
Janiah loves imy more yk.
by Sassquah October 8, 2019
the bus drivin by immigrants.
hey, let's take the imi bus today!
by melsolcious February 11, 2010
an abbreviation for “i’m making yogurt

ft. jack is stupid
jack: what’s up
jamie: imy
jack: oh no way i love yogurt
by nowaybro December 17, 2021