I nternational
M ulti talented

I dol

Well, you know it's jimin's name :)

Park jimin from BTS.
The man who got no jams.....
Are you talking about Imi?!
by Lachimolala bias May 3, 2021
shortening of the phrase 'i miss you'
BF: baby IMY

GF: baby IMYM
ect. you see where i'm going with this right ?
by asiankidsstink July 26, 2012
a lovely sweet person, who looks alot older than she is. could be an abbreviation of Imogen, and can be shortened to im, ims, mim ect
that is such an imie thing !
by rockershocker February 26, 2009
The shortened version of “I Miss You”. It is used in the context of when someone can’t be bothered to type “I miss you”, kinda like “ily”.
“Omg imy sooooo much”
Imy tooo 😭”
by Snbbbb April 10, 2020
Gf: Imy babe
Bf: Imy baby
by DarkLover527 June 11, 2019
when you take credit for something that you have made like a joke.

im going to space dock in to a pink sock IMI!
by Cass man chris July 26, 2010
Israeli Military Industries...creators of the Desert Eagle.
IMI makes shit that can blow the fuck outta ya! DAMN...CHECK OUT THE DESERT EAGLE
by RussianKGB April 13, 2004