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imminenet....when used in conjunction to mining licences in the DRC this could allude to anytime within the next 10 financial years. The reason being is that the DRC government would rather talk about making billions of dollars from a battery hub whilst grovelling up the global elite and their manufactured climate change rather than acknowledge the elephant in the room which is of course AVZ's mining licence
AVZ are in close contact with the DRC government and the mining licence is "imminent" along with CATH waiving the mining licence criteria which in turn makes their $240m "imminent"
by wolfofasx May 1, 2022
If ever this is used in an official market announcement by AVZ management then this is the best sell signal the market will ever give you. You could not possibly hit the sell button quick enough, I kid you not, sell and buy back at about half the price. If you see "in a matter of days" in the same sentence, then you'll want to smash that sell button harder than I was when I first saw Samantha fox as a teenage boy.
It is indeed a 'watershed moment', albeit not a positive one.
“The receipt of the Ministerial Decree to award the
Mining Licence is leading to a watershed moment for AVZ and our partners, with the official award of
the Mining Licence from CAMI expected in a matter of days.
by wolfofasx June 27, 2022
When used in the DRC one would be better shitting in his hands and clapping than attempting to ascertain a true definition of these words.

Can be used as a synonym for "imminent"
The mining licence is expected to be issued "within days"........One month later the stock is in suspended and rather than having a mining licence the company instead doesn't even know how many assets the corrupt DRC officials have attempted to sell from under them
by wolfofasx May 31, 2022
If ever you see this word used in the DRC you can basically assume the exact opposite of it's true definition, especially when used in market announcements by AVZ Minerals or CATH.

*AVZ synonyms: "imminent", "within days"
"expedited" and its AVZ synonyms used in a market announcements actually prepare shareholders for the stock to be suspended indefinitely with zero clarification as to why. You should actually take a 5 year holiday and then have a quick glance back at the share price with zero expectations that it has traded at all.
AVZ have announced the expedited completion of US$240M cornerstone investment with CATH
by wolfofasx June 1, 2022