this is the command to ignore someone on an IRC server and some games such as world of warcraft.

the proper usage is /ignore time username

it is sometimes used IRL
<melmelz> your such a stupid idiot
<Relax> /ignore 300 melmelz
by Jrelax March 9, 2009
Unfortunately, the youth of today choose ignorance as a "Badge of Courage."
by Knowledge October 21, 2003
Means that you have a lack of knowledge, information or awareness about something in particular....

It Does not mean that someone is ignoring you! O.O
Person 1: Ugh, I can't believe "person 2" isn't replying to my messages!!! How ignorant!!!
Person 2: ....Well then, I guess I'll be getting you a dictionary for Christmas.
by HayleyHiccupBuscus December 5, 2013
To not reply by message for over 24hours
by Tibsy115 May 5, 2016
half of the people on this website are ignorant and should learn to spell. especially those stupid cynical bastards who contradict themselves.
by norbert April 13, 2003
Having a lack of knowledge or education of a subject AND revealing that lack of knowledge/education by making bold and judgemental statements.
Examples of Ignorance

"Most black people are criminals"
"Most republicans are racist"
by bookyboss December 20, 2009
I thought I thought I knew a thing and knew the thing was true, but as I learned and time went on I gradually grew, and learned the things I thought I knew were really only thoughts, and all the things at times just thoughts entirely for naught, knowledge is a fickle thing and like the brain in grams, that weigh themselves upon the mind and shape the way it scans, for better or for worse and hopefully for better things, you'll learn to know what really is and keep the thoughts just things.
What is a lie but a thought not outweighed by real things, and what is ignorance but real things not being there at all?
by WhatYouThinkVWhatYouKnow June 5, 2020