i dont like,
saying you dont like something or someone
man idl u! so lmtfa!

idl grape juice, its nasty
by c_tina April 28, 2008
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Basically an extreme version of LMFAO.

I die laughing. I died laughing and came back to life
She was so drunk, she peed on a homeless man who LIKED IT!!! IDL!!!
by Daflapjack February 15, 2015
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Annoying Girl: I saw the ugliest girl at the mall!! I laughed so hard!

Girl: IDL
by Joe Pizza July 11, 2008
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Often used on IM sites,it means to be inactive
Yahoo said Bob had been idle for 10min and 46sec.
by Chrizzy March 15, 2006
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Leaving your irc client connected to a server and sitting in channels even if you are not at the computer. This allows a group of users to stay in contact even if they are not active all the time.

Many misunderstand this concept and think idling means to stare at an inactive channel for hours on end but it just means leaving your client connected even if you aren't there or are doing other things.

Note: things like the following would not be possible if both users were not idling.
9:56am <user1> so user2 how are the girls?
1:12pm <user2> they are doing great! i just got home.
1:12pm <user1> thats good. tell them hi for me :)
by Louva-Deus March 10, 2004
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I Did Laughing. Gramatically incorrect phrase, originally coined as a result of immense financial confusion, wearing the same clothing for months on end, abnormal urge to temporarily deform one's own body parts in an attempt to alter self-image; such as the biceps, excessive arcade usage, immense sexual disorientation, and chronic masturbation.

Sorry guyss, but I make $14/hr.

Scrappin is just the intro, finishing you off is the beginning. I DID LAUGHING

Because I live my life $14 dollars at a time.

$14/hr makes me sensitive.
by Dru Chung March 22, 2007
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doing nothing - at least nothing productive. For recration or because there is just nothing to do.
by gizmo771 February 25, 2006
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