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A sweet, fun loving girl, with very strong values. She is, funny, friendly, easy going, and very easy to get along with. She has many people who appear to be her friends, but she will find out sooner or later, that she has very few friends that she can trust whole-heartedly. Elin, loves all kinds of music, but is specialy fond of music that can get her up to dance in her goofy way, but is also very fond of songs with romantic lyrics and a steady pace. Elin enjoys all kinds of movies, but perfers romantic/ romantic comodies. Elin loves school, but is not really fond of the the subject, math. Elin, can be very self concious, but the realizes, her true beauty is on the inside. Elin, has secret crushes/a crush.
Though she can be mature when she needs, she likes to make people laugh and act like a fool.
Elin, also enjoys a good read and social networking.
Elin, is easy to like and will most likely like you back, if you are not the judge-mental type.
Elin is a person you can tell all your secrets to and not have a single worry about her telling.
Elin, is just amazing in everyway, and aspires to make a change in the world.
I love Elin!

Elin is the BEST!
by thirteen. August 03, 2011
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A name of a completely awesome person that is really cool, funny and pretty!
Person 1: OMG look at her! She's soooo pretty!
Person 2: yeah! I know her!! She is such an Elin!!
by I_am_SUPREME!!! September 25, 2010
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Taking complete control of an undesirable situation to make sure the outcome is wildly in your favor.
That punk cheated at WoW, so she went all Elin on his ass.
by Going Like Sixty December 19, 2009
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A young, swedish, highly intelligent blonde woman who stays up all night. She is a hardcore liberal who loves her mama.
I hope I grow up to be an Elin.
by Penny Ashley-Lawrence January 28, 2005
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Elin is a beautiful, understanding person that will turn your life into an upgoing rollercoaster. She will listen to you at anytime and always give you good advice. Elin is someone you would wanna sΓΈens your whole life with. Get yourself an Elin.
Friend 1: Wow, Elin is so nice!
Friend 2: Yeah, I love her. She just gets everything.
by icedcoffeeterrier August 23, 2017
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Elin is the most gorgeous woman ever seen. Brunette, Big bum, Big boobs, ALL THE B's, Beautiful. A very attractive female who has many boys drooling over her. Usually a teen who you would like to bang or see naked.
Person 1- "Did you see that girl?"
Person 2- "Damn, now THATS what i call an Elin"
by youwanttobeme May 20, 2010
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An exclusive alcoholic beverage, first explored in the Hamptons, in the late 60's. It contains 2 parts vodka, 2 parts tia maria, ice, lime and topped off with coke, in a highball glass. Two straws, no flamingos.
Bartender: What will it be?
You: I'll have an elin please. Thank you.
Bartender: Excellent choice miss.
You: I know.
by thebartender October 06, 2006
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