Initials standing for "in the zone", which was a popular Halo 2 clan.

Often mispercieved as meaning "it's" by the people that use it in Halo 3 and elsewhere today.
Someone unaware of the meaning of it might have the gamertag OMG iTz... or WTF iTz...
by Schwiga January 7, 2009
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"iTz" is a statement of self-misconception that putting things like multiple x's, MLG, "legit", and "iiTz" in combination for a pseudonym will make one totally badass. Generally, these specimen are annoying prepubescent teenagers, or self-righteous douchebags of an older literal age (versus an older mental age).

Warning: Do not attempt to interact with these species (one specimen might be identified as something along the lines of "iiTz lEGiT MLG pRoO xXx"), as they will often challenge you to a one-verse-one duel. Denial to the challenge will result in a incessant condescending speech explaining (without logical sense) why you are a small cat.
Guy: "Nice game, everyone."

xXiiTz NaZtyy QuiikscopzXx: "Fuck you! I could take your ass any day! Let's go, one-on-one, bitch!"

Guy: "What?"

xXiiTz NaZtyy QuiikscopzXx: "Ha! You pussy, you can't even take me on a one-on-one! You fucking suck! I'm going to tell everyone how much of a fucking loser you are because you back down when there's a real challenge! Faggot!"

Guy: "Ok..."
by DarkChaos319 April 29, 2010
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Incorrect spelling of the word "It's."

Commonly seen amongst the Halo community, often used by people who have the mindset that they are MLG Pro, and will step to any noob who thinks they can win a 1v1 match.
"Hey man, I'm going to make a new gamertag...any ideas?"

"Umm...MLG SpyDer?"

"Nah man that's gay. How about iTz HardAzz?"

"That's good. Make it iTz HardAzz v2 though"

"Good call"
by Eyce12 February 8, 2008
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Very outgoing person. Is on crack most of the time (not literally). Very wild and spontaneous. Most of the time they are fit and athletic. Is drop dead gorgeous. And they have a huge love for music
Look they is Itzeli
by itriedloving February 3, 2019
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Origin: In an early 2009 video. In the video was a female gamer challenging other gamers to have ITZ in their gamer names. Video was sent around from gaming friends to gaming friends. Video was published on YouTube, but was removed by user in mid 2009. Eventually, there was a gaming clan, created by some fan of the video. The gaming clan have ITZ in the beginning of their gamer name, followed by a space, and some other word(s).
The real definition of ITZ: In The Zone.
Get ITZ, people. We have a video game to play.
by ItzHaileyz June 13, 2018
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A word we used around the block to describe someone or something that was stupid or whack. Remove the R from RIGHTS and you have the pronunciation
"That guy Jason can't breakdance, he's an itze boy"
by jason ames May 20, 2007
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1) Someone on urbandictionary who is very egotistical.

2) Often used to replace the word 'its' because it is considered 'cool' by many stupid, chilidish, insecure, and annoying people.
itz: 'Don't try to define my name, bitch'

i tink itz becuz they they are, liek, st00pid.
by Itami June 30, 2005
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