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a person who cares completely and totally about themself and nobody else
dude don't be such an i guy
by thelastpap December 15, 2007
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someone who only thinks of themselves.
Crystal Hewitt is an iguy because she went to watch twilight without me and katy.
by the mad sames. November 18, 2011
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A dude who only looks out for himself. Can have to do with women, drinks, or basically anything. This person has no interest in doing favors or going out of their way for their friends.
The women always talk to Matt at the bar. God forbid he helps out one of his single buddies. What an I-Guy.
by KPL August 01, 2008
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to only think about yourself.

not think about others

theirs no I in team
gallegos is an I-guy he only thinks about himself.!!!
by codybuhd June 10, 2010
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