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When you know how to personally contact an expert in a particular field--especially when the subject is unusual, strangely specific, or illegal. Often used when you do not want to reveal the identity of the contact or how you came to make the acquaintance of such a person.
Co-worker: "The boss said a hooker took off with the USB flash drive with all our vital code stuck up her vagina. How are we going to find her and get it back?"

You (not wanting to talk about how you did IT for a pimp/gynecologist who owes you a favor): "I know a guy."
by General Deviance June 28, 2018
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Throwing something in the garbage, or at least out sight, in such a way that is no longer visible nor your concern for the foreseeable future. Originally used by early Intel engineers who would literally throw obsolete or malfunctioning equipment off a waterfall near their laboratory.
Engineer 1: This CPU doesn't work!

Engineer 2: That's the old version. Waterfall that piece of crap.

Engineer 1: Off the cliff into the water it goes!

Engineer 2: Where won't have to ever see it again!
by General Deviance June 11, 2019
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