o Kehda kabu ni husan te bhawein
o Dil seene to nikalda jaave
O 32 bore billon 2 nan kale

O panchoo Friday aa

Karun hoye kokke nu
Karauna sax sux phudian paado
pancho friday aa
by yourmom069 January 11, 2022
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The generic name for a Mexican person whom you don't know the name of.
"Hey! Pancho! What's up?"

"Actually my name's Jorge."

"Yeah whatever"
by Angelacia May 24, 2007
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It comes from the Mexican language Nahuatl. Nahuatl belongs to the Uto-Aztecan linguistic family. /pancho/ means "jump", other synonyms are, pancholoa, panchololiztli
"Pancho in atoyatl achtopa yehuan itta tehuatl."

"Jump the river before they see you."
by xalixco February 5, 2010
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my pancho was happy
by jo05 September 3, 2009
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Awesome talking parrot :)))))) !!!
A: take pancho outside he hurts my head .
J: oh my gosh mom u hurt my head .
by candy girl36 November 6, 2017
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Pancho from Madagascar and All Hail King Julien
he is the best

i love him
Pancho is so cute
by Moonwolf1987 March 13, 2022
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Mexican, rebel, revolutionary, fearless, leader, strong, not to mess with, lover of women, loved by women, patriotic, family man, feared, envied, intelligent, fierce, gentle, handsome.
Pancho Villa was a Mexican Rebel, a Revolutionary General, a Division General of 50,000 rebels during the Mexican Revolution, he was a lover of women and loved by women. Men wanted to be like him and be his followers.
by Xalixco February 5, 2010
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