somthething your "significant other" will say to you when, realy, they're cheating on you... or maybe they just really don't hav time??
diane: hey you wanna use my pusse tonight?
frank: i have no time..i..err...need to vacuum my mom!!
diane: yea right!! your probably meeting up with jessica!! we're through!! >.<
2 hours later

Frank's mom: frank!! its time for my annual vacuum!!
frank: arrg!! coming mother!!
by 2hawt4u March 8, 2008
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Meaning that you're practically saying it's bullshit.
Person 1: Oh, I got all A's for my report card!
Person 2: Yeah sure you did, 'and I have a time machine in my backyard!'
by Awesomedefs August 3, 2017
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When you’re in the mood to debate/argue about any topic.
Did you hear what he just said?
Yes, and I have time today.
by Krearyal August 2, 2018
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when a boy says that he 'dosn't have time for this Lance', he sometimes means he does have time, he is just not ready to accept his feelings.
You could say ''I don't have time for this lance'' but you would be lying
by bitchassrubberneck June 24, 2018
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A person who says i dont have time for this Lance makes you think they have time for you but the will have time for you later in either the red or blue lion ;)
Keith- i dont have time for this lance*wink*
lance- smiles
by Voltron_is_my_life June 26, 2018
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