a phrase used when a girl gives hints that she likes you, popularized by the youtuber SoLLUMINATI
by Tre Riggins January 10, 2018
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She definitely doesn’t, but you say she does in order to not have self ending thoughts
Man look at her. She want me”
- A man who sits inside all day and talks to no women
by SG999 August 26, 2022
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This statement is used to describe the type of guy that always thinks girls like them or want to take a relationship to the next level. Often times the guy has very Narcissistic tendencies and has an over inflated opinion of them selves. Often used in school cultures that have a high machismo aspect and the guys can't imagine that a girl couldn't like them.
Often times the statement follows when a girl acts normal but the guy takes it as a major romantic interest.
Occasionally the guy is correct but the lack of humbleness shows his character to be very egocentric.
Jo went up to Monica and she was talking about class work. She looked at him and Jo took that look to mean that he was so attractive that he immediately thought that "She wants Me bro. Jo then turned to all his friends and told them she wants me bro.
by Coach Hay , Monica MC November 17, 2021
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The greatest line ever written in songwriting history. Basically means your babygirl wanna ghost you coz you can't even be the speck of dirt on Mark Lee's shoes
Mark: "My baby says she wanna dance with a ghost, she wants to leave me uh😩"
Jisung(to Haechan): "what's he saying?"
Haechan: "oh, he's saying that his girl's ghosting him"
by Kwangya county jail guard January 31, 2022
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