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An extremely beautiful girl who is also the craziest, funniest girl you'll ever know. She's also very athletic and sporty. She's one of a kind and should never be replaced. You never want to break her heart or you'll regret it forever. She's also a badass... so don't piss her off.
"Bro where's Christi at? I miss her! "
"I wish I never left Christi"
"Christi is one of a kind! I love her!"
by Crazypanda11 August 30, 2017
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An elusive North American creature most often mistaken for a Christy, Christie, Kristi, or even a Kristy. However, a true Christi is one of a kind and is never "short" for anything, and is also not to be mistaken for some sort of Corpus.

Christi, in her true form, is the silliest bitch you will ever encounter and is usually unforgettable. One you have encountered Christi, you will experience feelings even you yourself do not understand. No worries, she's basicly harmless. Just don't piss her off...or steal her chocolate.
Has anyone seen Christi lately? This place just isn't the same without her!
by CunningLanguist June 23, 2011
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crazy ass bitch! theres never a boring moment around her.,.,., shes quite pretty witha awsome personality.
damnn christi
by zkkkkkkkk March 15, 2010
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helpful with advice to others. She is a very caring and respectable person. She shines with beauty inside and out. has a great sense of humor and will do anything for a friend!

Cherish your friendship with a Christi, for she will be one of the best friends you will ever have!
Christi is so helpful.....I don't know what I would do with out her.
by loves one February 04, 2010
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A life crisis when you're completely out of options and turn to a religious figure to solve all your problems.
Dude, Jeff's back was against the wall and he converted. He totally had a complete Christis!
by OED BEAST August 18, 2010
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