27 definitions by Bill gronos

1. Something extremely common, ordinary, mundane, or insipid. Mass produced.

2. Refering to people that mindlessly follow the crowd for no reason other than the need to fit in.
What you may call dressing up is probably what I call the thousand-duplets uniform: what the hoi polloi who are cranked-out en masse like cookies in a Keebler factory feel compelled to wear on such occasions to fit in.
by Bill gronos October 26, 2006
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To become lame so gradually that no one notices that you now suck. Paul McCartney used as a verb. This definition was provided in the January 2006 "Stuff Magazine", Page 39.
Paris Hilton is starting to McCartinize.
by Bill gronos January 05, 2006
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A guess made by someone with a PhD.

In common usage, the words hypothesis, model, theory, and law have different interpretations and are at times used without precision, but in science they have very exact meanings. A hypothesis is a limited statement regarding the cause and effect in a specific situation, which can be tested by experimentation and observation or by statistical analysis of the probabilities from the data obtained.
It's not just a guess, it's a hypothesis.
by Bill gronos July 04, 2006
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Car doors that open scissor style, also called gull wing doors. The name comes from Lambourghini cars that have this type of door.
His car is really snazzy - it even has lambos.
by Bill gronos July 24, 2006
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US Air Force slang term for a pneumatic systems technician, derived from the major cause of most malfunctions being a small leak that admits air bubbles into a hose or line.
The controls are a little too spongy. Better let the bubble chasers check it out before its next flight.
by Bill gronos July 02, 2009
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Changes to the usual Google search engine home page logo to mark special events, celebrity birth/death dates, holidays, etc. and major events, such as the Olympics. These logos often use humorous features, such as cartoon modifications. These special logos have become known as Google Doodles.
The first Google Doodle was for the Burning Man Festival of 1998.
by Bill gronos September 15, 2009
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