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shit the teachers give you to complete at home since it's not enough for them to torture you at school for like most of the day almost every five days a week. THEY say it's for shit like 'practice with what you’ve learned in the classroom' or that it ' helps you to gain and retain more knowledge than would be possible with only classroom work.'. honestly this shit should really be optional, since during MY life experience so far homework has done jack shit for the most part. also they REALLY like giving big ones for you do do over the fucking HOLIDAYS/VACTATION, one problem THERE being that most of the teachers don't seem to give two fucks what homework you've already been set by other teachers, so you end up with a TON of annoying homework shit that takes ages to do
'here's your homework, it's due in tomorrow'
by 5magmacubes October 27, 2015
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A character who opposes the protagonist(s). typically avillain, but not always.
Dr. Eggman is usually the antagonist in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.
by 5magmacubes August 23, 2016
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An indie RPG created by Toby Fox that has sold extremely well and seems to have taken over the Internet.
The game follows the story of a human child who has fallen into The Underground, a society filled with monsters after humans sealed them away in a war long ago.

In battles, enemies attack your soul (which looks like a heart) in a bullet hell-like method, and you can either fight them, or via the ACT and MERCY buttons, figure out how to spare them.
The game's story is affected by how many monsters you kill, as well as which 'Boss Monsters' you kill.
It can be hard not to stumble across spoilers of this game when you are looking into it, as many popular characters are considered 'Walking Spoilers'.
Hey have you played Undertale yet?
by 5magmacubes April 20, 2016
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a character designed with a voicebank to go with the software UTAU. the name is based upon vocaloids, which are used for the vocaloid software. they may also be referred to as UTAUs
'guys I'm making a UTAUloid! what colour should her eyes be?'
by 5magmacubes October 27, 2015
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