An immortal sexy aztec god stuck in a ball of ice drifting in space, so he now has no purpose in life nor any reason to continue thinking.

The only other kar sent to space other than the tesla that Elon} sent for no reason at all.
Person 1: Yo dude I don't wanna study for this upcoming finals exam

Person 2: Are you really gonna kars this exam? you're a dumb motherfucker
by elasticpump March 31, 2019
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You're an edgy 13 year old that wanted to look at pictures of cars, but you thought that wasn't edgy enough, so you spelled it with a "k" instead. You got pictures of a weird, almost nude vampire bird man and you are very confused.
Edgy Kid: I wonder what will come up if I spell cars like "kars" instead of cars?!?!?!?

-10 seconds later

Edgy Kid: Wtf is this furry trash, and WHY TF MY PEEPEE GO UP?!?!?!?!?!
by Big Cool October 25, 2018
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A direct rip-off to Pixar's Cars. It's mainly about a half-naked gay dude along with 2 other half-naked apes on his quest to defeat Batman with a scarf. During the movie, one of his apes spilled over and destroyed Batman's Caesar Salad. Not long after, Batman with prep decided to seek revenge for his salad, killing the 2 apes and sent Kars to a volcano which sent him to space for eternity.
A: Have you ever watched the new movie "Kars"?
B: Is that a Jojo reference?
by Suzushina Yuriko May 12, 2020
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'Woah who's that gorgeous bird man over there ?! '
'Oh that's just Kars lmao.'
by alessiluvr February 26, 2022
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A 13000 year old pillar man, the strongest one of all but sadly he got killed by Joseph joestar the main protagonistainist of part 2 of Jojos bizarre adventure
Kars went to space
by Chickenmanisdaname March 6, 2022
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In albanian dick
used to insult someone
Kar - for male
Kare - for female
He rrote kari - hey you dickhead
Kar - Dick
O kar, hajde ketu! - Hey motherfucker, come here!
by Toni November 29, 2003
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....Nickname for Karina.
Multiple meanings one, which may stand for: KickAssRapper.
Wayyy Legit...
Added sauce after words.
Is a SluttyWhoreHoin'Prostitute.
Makes friends with everyone.
Easily annoys others, which can resort to problems.
"Hey look its a KAR!"
"Dude I heard she is a SluttyWhoreHoinProstitute."
"Well duhh, she is after all A KAR."
by KAR_in-a October 5, 2009
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