A glare that a man or woman gives to someone of the opposite sex, characterized by extreme sexual lust and desire.
That creepy man over there looks like he has the hungry eye for that hot lady at the bar.
by K. Greazy July 19, 2010
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to want food, but not actually be hungry
Person One: mm. im craving some ice-cream
**eats ice-cream**
Person One: damn; i guess i just had hungry eyes. . .
by youudon'tknowme(: April 26, 2010
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The red, glazed looking eyes that are a direct result of smoking weed. If one looks at these eyes, he is able to understand that that person is amazingly hungry because he is high and has the munchies.
Damn! Kevin's got some serious hungry eyes, he's gotta lay off the kush!
by D.M.G. February 09, 2012
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