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clair, to do it with many, be up for it.
look out guys preditors about
by Unkown March 10, 2004
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A pussy Urban Dictionary "editor" that seeks out and vetoes entries because it's their only sliver of power in their pathetic fucking lives.
I bag groceries at Super Wal-Mart, but I'm an Urban Dictionary PrEditor and shut people's shit down and it makes be feel like a badass because, let's be honest, that's all I have in this world other than my trailer and broke-down ATV.
by davesfriend May 27, 2017
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A type of a child molester.

Likes small boys the most, DOESNT SWEAR.
Wants to smash serps gf.
Ohh yea, yesterday i did a Preditor.
via giphy
by Flankoa August 14, 2018
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