When someone "stealths" you in their IM client.
"I think dude hung up on me."
by SLeepdepD November 17, 2008
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When someone deliberately signs off or blocks you on an IM in the middle of a chat.
"She called me a bitch, said I was 'teh suck', then e-hung up on me".
by PrincessJetta October 23, 2008
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The term for multiple orgasms, usually lasting over an extended period of time of sexual intercourse. The sex is so intense, there may be orgasms just thinking about it later!
She had so many orgasms fucking her man last night, it was like her cummer hung up! She woke up a couple of hours after they had sex, looked at him sleeping and she had another orgasm just thinking about it.
by Scoggles November 14, 2013
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Bodycheck someone so hard their skates leave the ice. Generally used only by Bob Cole and the few remaining hockey personalities older than him.
"Laraque really hung his socks up to dry there! Wow!"
by Basement Boy June 6, 2006
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Act of having sex with someone's wife or girlfriend.
She cheated on Joe with Jason.

Jason hung up on Joe's secretary.
Joe said, "Jason HUNG UP ON MY SECRETARY".
by TammyTime1991 April 26, 2017
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