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The name for an in-home office, particularly for software engineers that work from home.
"Honey, I'll be working in the fart cave for awhile."
by SLeepdepD December 12, 2008

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Inventing work for yourself to do when you have none to maintain the appearance of being a valuable asset to your company.
Dude 1: "What are you working on?"
Dude 2: "Nothin', bored--so I'm re-writing classes in the data tier."
Dude 1: "Lol...Project magicment at its finest."
by SLeepdepD June 24, 2008

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All the emoticons for a given Instant Messenging client.
"Wow, I'm impressed by your extensive emoticabulary."
by SLeepdepD June 24, 2008

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When someone (usually a boss) walks around in front of your desk all slow and quiet without saying anything, either because they're afraid to interrupt you or they want to catch you using company resources for personal reasons.
"Someone keeps wraithing in front of my desk. :-L"
by SLeepdepD January 06, 2009

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A software development project that irreversibly attains so high a level of scope creep, that it will never and can never be completed. Derived from The Winchester Mystery House.
Dude1: "How's the Winchester Project going?"
Dude2: "We're rewriting our data-tier...again...for the third time."
by SLeepdepD March 11, 2008

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A sheet of tissue rolled into a cylindrical shape and used similar in function to a pipe cleaner to remove debris from the nose.
Please stop leaving your booger drills all over the nightstand.
by SLeepdepD July 12, 2013

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Someone who says they're going to post a contentious status update to a social media site, but then doesn't.
John: "I should post 'John thinks Debbie is a skanky whore' for what she did."
Dave: "...bet you won't you dirty little status bluffer."
by SLeepdepD January 28, 2010

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