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The name for an in-home office, particularly for software engineers that work from home.
"Honey, I'll be working in the fart cave for awhile."
by SLeepdepD December 12, 2008
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Inventing work for yourself to do when you have none to maintain the appearance of being a valuable asset to your company.
Dude 1: "What are you working on?"
Dude 2: "Nothin', bored--so I'm re-writing classes in the data tier."
Dude 1: "Lol...Project magicment at its finest."
by SLeepdepD June 24, 2008
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All the emoticons for a given Instant Messenging client.
"Wow, I'm impressed by your extensive emoticabulary."
by SLeepdepD June 24, 2008
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A software development project that irreversibly attains so high a level of scope creep, that it will never and can never be completed. Derived from The Winchester Mystery House.
Dude1: "How's the Winchester Project going?"
Dude2: "We're rewriting our data-tier...again...for the third time."
by SLeepdepD March 11, 2008
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A sheet of tissue rolled into a cylindrical shape and used similar in function to a pipe cleaner to remove debris from the nose.
Please stop leaving your booger drills all over the nightstand.
by SLeepdepD July 12, 2013
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A spontaneous and unscheduled meeting with way more people than need to be there. These meetings are generally unorganized.
I was working on my part of the project, but then there was a flash meeting
by SLeepdepD May 25, 2011
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Someone who says they're going to post a contentious status update to a social media site, but then doesn't.
John: "I should post 'John thinks Debbie is a skanky whore' for what she did."
Dave: "...bet you won't you dirty little status bluffer."
by SLeepdepD January 28, 2010
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