A jocular term for a protestant from the north of Ireland. Best described as an irish version of the KKK
i see them motherfuckin huns murdered another catholic taxi driver last night
by da origanal playa May 17, 2006
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A condescending word used to tell people inferior. (younger kids)
Hey hun, i like your x mas picture.
by imolderthanyou May 12, 2010
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A word that is used as an abbreviation for "Honey".
Short for "Honey".
"Oh emm gee, my boyfriend broke up with me! I need advice!"
"Hun, just ignore him."
by H.M. Switz May 22, 2008
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The British derogatary nickname for Germans during the two World Wars. Still to be heard at football games.
"I can't believe we got all the way through to the semi-finals, then got knocked out by the Huns! Sneaky bastard Krauts!"
by Eric_Phillips October 08, 2006
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