A great nation who has dominated in the Euroasia and easter Europe for many years. They have genetical ties with Turks and Mongolians. We also can say that they are proto(first)-Turks.
"The scourge of the God Attila" was well-known emperor of Huns.
by Khorasan August 10, 2008
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Short slang term for girl or girlfriend
Bro that hun is mooi
That gent is screwing my hun
by Xpununukins August 20, 2020
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What the Quizno's spongemonkeys say they are not. They do barbaric act such as eating raw, non-toasted subs.
"They are so good, we'd eat them raw, but eating raw subs is barbaric. We are not the huns!!!!!!"
by nitz April 22, 2005
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Ugly (Result of being hit with an ugly stick.)
Orange (self explanitory)
Twat(A woman's vagina.)
Huns : Look about Glasgow they are there with red white and blue on...... ugly HUNS :)
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A term that arose in the trenches of WWI to describe the Germans. The origins of this term came from the resemblance of the German's stahlhelm (steel helmet) to those of Mongol Huns.
"General Pershing, I believe the Huns are close to retreat"
by el_borracho1124 June 25, 2009
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