yo, last time i checked, this wasn't a sexual innuendo, it was how animals "make babies". am i right or am i right?
Man#1: Hey, look at our dogs.
Man#2: Oh my gosh, i think Rover is humping Bitsy!
Man#1: Get ready for some puppies, then.
by fa la la la la April 01, 2007
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The middle back seat of a car which is usually never called unless the bitch seat is the only one left. or the trunk.
Girls or little kids are often stuck with this seat. Unless they are really a bitch. Then they get the bitch seat.
Hump is 5th best after driver, shot gun, wing man, andback seat driver, but better than trunk or bitch seat.

Ben-shot gun! Bitches.
John-wing man! YES!!
Frank-Damn. I guess I got the hump.
Anthony- I'll take back seat driver.
Russell- All that is left is the trunk. So that's mine.
John- Nope, the dead guy is in the back. So you'll have to sit in the bitch seat.
Who's driving?!?
by jpabaloni December 02, 2006
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"The sargeant made me hump the M60 in addition to the 50lbs in my ruck sack."
by Allie October 25, 2001
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A slang term for Camel brand cigarettes.
"I need a pack of humps"
"I need a hump"
"I need to be humped"

Customer to convenience store clerk: "Hump me"
Clerk: "What?!!?"
by M Rockwell February 15, 2007
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A type of movement used for desperate people or used during sex. You go up and down on something real quickly again mainly used in sexual ways.
Derek wanted to have sex soon so he started to hump Lillie desperate for her to fall for him.
by 🤷🏻‍♀️ March 16, 2017
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lowly worker, grunt, pee-on, low on the totem pole
origin: hunched or hump-backed from hard labor

“I wish these humps would hurry up and move those boxes.”
by shermantheblue baby August 06, 2008
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