To be forced to apologize or to admit a fault.
I caught Pierson in another lie, so he has to eat some humble pie.
by tradesman January 27, 2004
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-to teach someone humility.
-to "eat humble pie" is to be knocked off your "high horse".
guy 1: corey is such a dick, he thinks he is SO great at basketball.

guy 2: not anymore, i just beat him 21-5; gave him some of that humble pie.
by mitsu mike November 25, 2007
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to eat humble pie is to apologize and/or face humiliation. originated from the dish "umbles pie" which peasants ate in medieval times (umbles are the innards of deer/cow/boar/whatever else was lying around)
Donald: I'm sorry... I didn't realize...
Maria: Eat humble pie dickface.
by brettruby December 29, 2009
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the greatest live band of all time and also the starting point of legendary guitarist Peter Framton.
man1: hey man i just went to a humble pie concert
man2: Yeah? how was it.
man1: they blew my mind man!
by Tom Bombadillo June 15, 2005
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pie that has been humiliated.

pie that has been knocked off its pie horse.
that pie thought it was 'all that', but
now 'at pie aint so pie and mighty, cwaz its now a humble pie, mm hm
by RileyRampant January 2, 2009
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When you no longer can take credit for a phrase that you started becuase everyone else is now using it.
Man, everyone else is saying that too? I guess I have to eat some humble pie.
by Eating Humble Pie November 26, 2007
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