Someone who is addicted to inhalants. Usually involves a rag soaked with some dangerous chemical and placed in a paper bag to be inhaled. Spray paint is commonly used. Metallic spray paint gives the best results.
"Look at that zombie motherfucker over there with paint on his face. Must be a low-life huffer."
by yukoncornelius April 09, 2003
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The act of inhaling a powder (usually cocaine) through one's mouth. Often done when the person's sinuses are clogged.
My nose was too stuffed up to snort a line, so I had to do a huffer
by fRsKy November 14, 2009
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Jordan is a total huffer, he wouldn't leave Steve's nuts alone man.
by Jim April 04, 2003
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some one who is rubbish at the xbox 360 game halo 3. Comes from taking the 'H' from halo and the 'uffer' from Duffer.

God Dod your such a huffer

haha you huffer
by kung fu mowgli September 25, 2008
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Anyone who exemplifies the following: Extremely loud and abnoxious, inconsiderate, having no tact, constant party fouls, and fucks fat bitches on the reg.
If your a complete dick, then chances are you have some Hufferisms in you.
by Skeeter Holliday December 06, 2009
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