A complete douche. Everyones worst nightmare in vinyl format, especially played on sunny Sundays after church, before watching American Gladiators, and after the UPN50 12:00 movie, generally Robocop.
You know, your mom and I went to see Huey Lewis at Harpos when she was pregnant with your sister! Heh, it was great (but it really wasn't).
by Repeatclicks May 01, 2007
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Huey Lewis is a drink in honor of the great rock and roll artist who is known for having a big ole hog in his pants. The drink is simple as the bar tender will just hand you two cans of beer stacked on top of each other. This is similar to the believed size of Huey’s package.
I’m too thirsty for just one beer, give me a Huey Lewis to quench my thirst.
by Tenaciousron May 25, 2019
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a pseudo-white soul pop-rock band that formed in San Francisco in 1979. They haved scored several hits around the world. They have hit the top of the charts in America three times, as well as elsewhere. Their hits include "The Power of Love", "If This Is It" and "Stuck With You". Their excellent harmonies rank with those of the Beach Boys and Def Leppard. That's good!
I saw Huey Lewis and the News three times in concert. A thrill every time.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice November 19, 2006
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Achieving fitness by working out most every day and watching what you eat. Inspired by lyrics from the song 'Hip to Be Square' by 1980s pop-rock group Huey Lewis & The News's 'Hip to Be Square'.
Mary: Tibor, you're looking fit these days, whats your secret?

Tibor: Thank you, its the 'Huey Lewis Workout' and I've lost 20lbs since the Bangles concert last August!
by Herbal Klimt December 06, 2009
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